The Types Of Couples I Have Worked With As A Wedding Officiant

I have worked with every sort of customer that is out there. I have had multicultural ceremonies and they have been a wonderful way to include my creativity in the planning process.

I have worked with couples who wrote most of their own ceremony, although that is usually the exception. Most couples have me prepare their ceremony. I have worked with couples who planned their ceremony a year and sometimes two years ahead. I have worked with couples who planned their ceremony a week ahead, this was particularly true during the Covid-19 crisis.

I have done back yard weddings, church weddings, weddings in a hotel room and weddings at lots of wedding venues. I once had a wedding for a couple who wanted to meet at sunrise on an island in a local river. The couple did a morning run to the location and my wife and I rode our tandem bike 15 miles to get there. We met this couple at the same location exactly a year later for a vow renewal.

I am very flexible and I will most likely be able accommodate to any unique ideas you may have for your ceremony.

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