Classy Riverside Celebration

Zigmunt and Jennifer were married on December 20 at The Herrington(link is external) in Geneva. When I arrived the bride and groom were outside by the river getting some pictures taken before the wedding and a strong wind was howling up the river behind them from the south. When Jennifer finally came inside and I shook her hand, she was really cold. When they went outside for a second round of pictures with the family, a wrap appeared from somewhere and Jennifer was able to cover her shoulders and arms. This was an amazing wedding considering the couple just made the decision on December 1. The setting was beautiful with all of the Christmas decorations. There was a stringed trio that played for the wedding and the reception. I felt a little “height challenged” by this couple but they were really great to work with. There was a lot of emotion expressed by both as they recited their vows to one another and I was glad to be a part of their big day.

Surprise Bagpipes

Mike and Meghan were married on December 19 at Eaglewood Resort in Itasca. This place if beautiful and much larger than I expected, sitting on over 100 acres and with almost 300 hotel rooms and a seeming endless supply of meeting and banquet rooms. They are just a few blocks from the intersection of Lake Street, 355 and 290. I had never seen it before because it is a few blocks north of Lake Street. Mike and Meghan were a really fun couple to work with. They are both easy going, really into each other and didn’t seem to be a bit anxious about their wedding – although a story Meghan told me before we started the wedding sounded like someone in the group was a little tense. Mike and I walked in and took our spot front and center, both moms came in and were seated and the lighted then candles for the unity celebration. Everyone was surprised when the next thing to take place was a bagpiper playing his pipes and walking down the center aisle. Mr. Pipes stood off the side up front and played throughout the procession and then left after the bride arrived. This was another ceremony with laughter, tears, fun and seriousness and it ended with a great celebration as bride and groom kissed. The bag piper entered and played as he made his way to front again and then escorted the bride and groom to the back of the room where he continued to play until the bridal party had all exited. It was a first for me and I loved it – I had a great Irish Blessing at the end and then the Bag Pipes!

Fireside Ceremony

Ricky and Allie were married on December 12 at Westwood Tavern in Schaumburg. The restaurant is huge on the ground floor and the upper level is even larger – plus there is a large decorative room in the basement where Ricky and Allie had their reception. The wedding was in a large wooden room on the 2nd floor that was decorated for Christmas. We stood in front of the burning fireplace for the wedding. Allie was a little nervous before the ceremony began, so I spent a little extra time with her and she was beaming and beautiful when she came down the aisle. Ricky was very taken with emotion when he saw her and I gave him a handkerchief. The ceremony had just the right touch of fun, laughter, tears, seriousness and romance.

Happy Holidays!

Hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving as much as I did. It was great to spend time relaxing with my family and l look forward to doing it again in a couple weeks for Christmas. I’ve been meeting with a lot of great couples over the past few weeks as well and really look forward to the upcoming ceremonies.