Dr. McFadden's Faith

Dr. David McFadden, a devout Christian who takes his faith seriously, grew up in a family of faith and embraced it fully as a young man. After graduating with a degree in Christian Ministry from a 4-year Christian college, he became the pastor of a rural church in downstate Illinois during his Junior year of college.

Dr. McFadden worked as a full-time pastor until he joined the counseling practice that he and his wife opened in 1994.

During his formal Ordination into the ministry in 1973, Dr. McFadden vividly recalls the prayer of one of the Elders at the Rockville Christian Church, Aarol Jacks.

The prayer urged him always to remember that he was one beggar telling other beggars where to find bread, a powerful reminder that has since influenced his life by removing any judgment of people.

As beggars in life, we are all trying to find our way the best we can, and Dr. McFadden embraced the task of helping others find their way.

Actively involved in West Ridge Community Church in Elgin, IL, the McFaddens assist with the church's Marriage Ministry, and when in Wisconsin, they attend The Oaks Community Church in Drummond, where Dr. McFadden frequently speaks for the church service.

For the McFaddens, their faith guides their decisions, actions, and treatment of others, and they strive to be as Christ-like as possible. However, they acknowledge that they have a long way to go.

Most of the couples Dr. McFadden officiates for are not currently affiliated with a church. If a couple has a church they attend, they usually get married there or have their home church's pastor perform the ceremony.

Typically, the people he meets have some religious background but are not currently active. Dr. McFadden emphasizes that it is the couple's wedding, and they can design it to fit their life and beliefs, with as little or as much religious presence as they desire.

Speaking on Sunday mornings at Grand Valley Church in Ontario, Canada, Dr. McFadden shares his message of hope, love, and faith.
Dr. McFadden

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