You Need An Officiant Who Can Go With The Flow

Going with the Flow in Rehearsal

  • If you have a rehearsal for your wedding, be prepared for things to start later than you have planned. Rehearsals are notoriously chaotic events at first. People get lost, or are stuck in traffic or had to work later than they thought.
  • An officiant who knows this will work with you, will help bring calm to the situation and will be able to bring order and direction when things are ready to begin.

Going with the Flow in the Wedding Ceremony

  • Despite the hours of careful planning and even with a perfect rehearsal, things can still go differently than planned. If you are prepared for a minor glitch, a participant who is slightly off cue or some other unforeseen change, one of two things will happen.
    • First, a sharp officiant will be aware instantly if something is not going as originally planned and can weave it right into the wedding ceremony so that no one even notices.
    • Second, a sharp officiant will also be able to handle an obvious out of place event in a wedding ceremony, bring some humor to the situation and put everyone at ease, with the situation ending up being a funny memory that added to the day.

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