Brotherly Love

Tonight I  have the pleasure of being the wedding officiant for Joshua and Elizabeth at Riverside receptions in Geneva. We were in the lower level room with the Fox River as the backdrop for the ceremony and it was a beautiful setting. For the Unity Celebration the bride and groom used different colored glass beads that they poured into a central vase. This will be sent to a company that will make a hand blown glass sculpture for them using the actual beads from the ceremony. The bride’s father died a number of years ago so she had her three older brothers stationed along the aisle and they each escorted her one third of the way to the wedding altar. When I asked the question “who gives this woman to be married to this man” they all three had a big smile on their face and responded “We do,” and everyone got a nice chuckle out of it. I did the wedding ceremony for one of the brides brothers and he and his wife recommended me two Elizabeth and Joshua. It’s quite a privilege to come so highly recommended.