Beautiful Garden Ceremony

I just completed the marriage ceremony for Sarah and Ben about a half hour ago in the fragrance garden at Morton Arboretum. The weather was perfect. I always carry a spare handkerchief in case the bride or groom need it. These two wrote their own vows and I ended up giving them both a handkerchief as their vows brought many tears for both of them! A family member is a retired judge who does weddings from time to time and he was highly complementary of the job that it did. This is something I really enjoy doing because it is such a happy point in people’s lives! A good friend of ours from Bartlett is related to the bride and it was nice surprise to see her at the ceremony as well.

Ballroom Bliss

Earlier this evening I conducted the wedding ceremony for Kristen and Brian at the metropolis Ballroom in Arlington Heights. It’s a great place for a wedding. For the unity celebration Kristen and Brian did a unity in glass ceremony as part of their wedding. They included both their mothers and all 4 had a container with different colored glass crystals. These were all poured together in a single container. The glass crystals will be sent to an artisan who will put together a one-of-a-kind glass sculpture for them using the glass crystals that were part of the ceremony. I really enjoyed working with both of them and received a lot of kind words from their families

Back Yard Celebration

I performed the wedding ceremony for Ewa and Jason in Aurora this afternoon under the tent in the back yard of a family member. I watched a big storm approach straight above as I arrived but it went just enough south to miss the wedding. The father of the bride said his line in Polish. These two have great family and friends!

Golf Course Wedding

After 2 weeks of relaxing on vacation I performed the wedding ceremony  for Christina and Dan at Randal Oaks Golf Course in West Dundee. The weather was perfect and the ceremony went well. The bride’s mom was at the rehearsal but got very sick before the wedding and could not attend. Christina was very brave and we are waiting to hear about her mom’s condition.