It is not often that you find a Wedding Officiant who is also licensed to provide counseling.

Our pastors are all experienced in premarital counseling and Dr. McFadden is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. In addition, Dr. McFadden has spent over 50,000 hours counseling couples and helping them overcome their relationship struggles. Similarly, Dr. McFadden has encountered every sort of marital issue and crisis known during his decades of work with couples. Furthermore, the Dr. takes a proactive approach in providing direction and coaching for couples facing hurdles to conquer. With this in mind, He wishes to help set you up for success in your married life.

Premarital counseling offers many benefits including a better understanding of your spouse, how to communicate with one another, and a lower divorce rate.

This process helps to identify differences in outlook, personality, and background that can set couples up for conflict and failure. It gives couples a chance to discuss topics that may otherwise cause issues down the road. You will discuss things such as finances, how to interact with in-laws, and healthily disagreeing with one another.

Through proper premarital counseling, a Wedding Officiant can help a couple develop successful patterns of conflict resolution, and set relationship goals. You will learn the most common challenges that couples face in marriage and begin building a strong foundation for your marriage.

There are several premarital assessments and tools that have been developed to increase the effectiveness of the premarital counseling process that is utilized by our team.

Couples often view premarital counseling as a preventative measure to help enable them to have a successful and fulfilling relationship. Don’t wait until there is a problem. Get on top of any issues that may be hidden below the surface with the help of competent premarital counseling.

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