Toasty Buns

I was the officiant for the wedding ceremony of Grace and Mark on March 24th. The wedding took place at the Bristol on Damen in Chicago. We had the entire upper level and it’s a nice spot for a group of 30 to 40 people. The friends and family of the bride and groom were very fun loving and supportive group. I was positioned less than 2 feet in front of a fireplace that was burning. At one point I leaned over and told both the bride and groom that my ass was getting hot. That brought a smile to their faces and calmed down some of the nervousness that couples often experience during a wedding. This was a great couple to work with and I was glad to be a part of their wedding day!

Harleys, Pizza, and a Wedding

I officiated the wedding for Amy and Jordan on March 24th in Plainfield. The Venue is called Warehouse 109. One of one of the side walls has a dozen vintage Harley and Indian motorcycles on display. The wedding was originally planned to be outside but it was too cold of a March day and inside the warehouse worked out perfectly. A food Vender right outside the main door had a large wood oven and made wood fired pizza to order for the guests. The house was packed with very friendly family and friends.

Wedding and Birthday Fun

I officiated for Art and Michelle at Villa Olivia Olivia this Saturday. Afterwards I hurried to my grandson Gus’s 2nd birthday party! I missed the cake and candles but got back in time to help him play with his new truck! What a fun weekend.