Iceman Cometh

I took the weekend off from officiating and traveled to Traverse City, MI to compete in the Iceman Cometh mountain bike race. I finished the race in 2 hours and 45 minutes. I had maximum heart rate of 165 on one long steep climb & an average heart rate of 138. The Sun was out at the start and then between miles 4 & 8 I got rained on pretty hard, then it dried out until the sleet and wintry mix started falling during the last couple miles. Debbie took this picture of me at the parking area a couple of miles away from the finish line. The ride from the finish to the car was the coldest part of the day. It was straight into the wind with no trees to block it and I had cooled off a little. Fun day!

Waze Saves the Day

Nancy and Mike were married on 10/25/15 in the Foundation Room at the Morton Arboretum. It was a beautiful sunny day. My driving app brought me in on side streets rather than 355 to 88, the way it usually brings me in. When we got to the Arboretum entrance I could see why. Traffic going in the main entrance was backed up to the south all the way to Highway 88. I have never seen that kind of traffic there, but I guess everyone was there to see the fall colors on the trees. I was glad I had gotten there plenty early because it took over 25 minutes to get in the entrance and to the location for the wedding. Debbie came along and we brought our tandem. Our plan was to ride the roads in the Arboretum after the wedding and reception, but the traffic never relented and it would not have been a fun ride. Mike and Nancy are great people and it was very nice getting to know their family. Nancy’s daughters all gave a toast at the reception and I don’t think there was a dry eye in the place when they got done. Mike is a runner and with his brother has run a marathon in every state.

Doves Set the Mood

Flor and Jimmy had an outdoor wedding at the Friendship Park Conservatory on 10/24/15. I asked them about the license at the rehearsal the afternoon before the wedding and they had forgotten to get it. There was still time, so we hurried up the rehearsal and they dashed off to the county clerk and got their license. It had been rainy earlier in the day on the 24th, but the rain moved out of the area and the temperature dropped a little before the ceremony and the winds were pretty strong. We were in a courtyard with lots of plants, a couple of fountains and a pair of cooing doves. It started to sprinkle just as we started the wedding – but only a little – and the rain held off until just after the last guest had entered the building for the cocktail hour.

Heartfelt Vows

Matt and Karie were married at Mars Gallery in Chicago on 10/23/15. The wedding was on the 3rd floor in a smaller room, but we were able to fit everyone in it. The couple wrote their own vows and they did a wonderful and emotional job of it. Matt has his written down in a booklet and ended up reading only half of it because he had written so much. What he did read would melt the heart of any bride. Karie had left her written copy of her vows at home but was at ease in doing it extemporaneously and it was perfect.

Pet Flower Girl

Vicky and Herb were married on 10/22/15 in the backyard of a family member in Bartlett. Vicky’s father was going to give her away but had brain surgery a couple of days before the wedding. Dad is doing well. The ceremony was videotaped and everyone rushed off to the hospital following the ceremony to spend time with dad and show him the wedding. Their pet dog was dressed up as the flower girl!