Classy Riverside Celebration

Zigmunt and Jennifer were married on December 20 at The Herrington(link is external) in Geneva. When I arrived the bride and groom were outside by the river getting some pictures taken before the wedding and a strong wind was howling up the river behind them from the south. When Jennifer finally came inside and I shook her hand, she was really cold. When they went outside for a second round of pictures with the family, a wrap appeared from somewhere and Jennifer was able to cover her shoulders and arms. This was an amazing wedding considering the couple just made the decision on December 1. The setting was beautiful with all of the Christmas decorations. There was a stringed trio that played for the wedding and the reception. I felt a little “height challenged” by this couple but they were really great to work with. There was a lot of emotion expressed by both as they recited their vows to one another and I was glad to be a part of their big day.

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