Seven Vows

Alex and LeAnn were married on the morning of 10/11/15 in the Fragrance Garden at Morton Arboretum. The weather was picture perfect for the ceremony. I added a “Blessing of the Hands” to the ceremony in which they hold each others hands and I have them look at the hands of their partner as I describe how their hands will be used to work together and care for each other throughout their marriage. Just as we started that portion of the ceremony a bee showed up and landed on the bride’s fingers – he crawled around for a while and I brushed him off. The bee wanted to hang around and I had to shoo it away. Most of the guests could see it happening and it added a cool memory to their ceremony. The couple also choose to do the 7 Steps/Blessings Ceremony which has both Hindu and Native American roots. I gave a vow and blessing for each step and after it is given they take a step. By the end of the 7 vows, they have completed a full circle.

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