I am so happy that my mother in law found Dr. McFadden to do our wedding ceremony. All of our guests loved him and thought his voice sounded was perfect. He made our guests laugh and he was very prepared. He had a handkerchief ready when he saw me tearing up, even though he should have given it to my husband since he cried first =] Before the ceremony, we had to meet with him so he can get to know us which I thought was a great idea. I told him I was really nervous and I’ve never been to a wedding before so I don’t even know how a wedding works. Like when I should speak or what I should say. He made it very clear that I shouldn’t worry because he will let me know when I should be speaking or what I should say. We picked the lines we wanted to say so we had plenty of time to memorize our lines if we wanted to, but just repeated it after him. I was scared during the meet and greet but I got very comfortable right away. We got to know each other and he gave us pointers on how to have a successful wedding. We are very happy and thankful that he was able to squeeze us in in such short notice. Our wedding night was PERFECT!

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