In Sickness and Health

I married Angelica and Darvin today in North Barrington. These two met when Darvin had cancer. Angelica is a nurse and helped to bring Darvin back to health. When they said the “in sickness or in health” portion of the vows, it was understandably very emotion for both of them. We did several Filipino wedding traditions including the Veil and Cord in which they are covered with a veil signifying being clothed or covered together, they a cord is wrapped around them indicating they are bound together. The coin ceremony involves bride and groom passing coins back and forth and making promises regarding the stewardship of their money and taking care of their family. The bride and her father arrived in a horse draw carriage and then the bride and groom left in the carriage at the end of the ceremony. The wedding was outside and under a giant tree next to a lake. The shade and the breeze helped make the near 90 degree temperature almost comfortable.

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