An Overview Of My Work As A Wedding Officiant

I am an experienced officiant having conducted hundreds of weddings and would love to have the opportunity to chat with you about your wedding. I am uniquely equipped with the ability to lead you through the entire process so that you fully understand every aspect of your ceremony.

I am easygoing, have a great sense of humor and love doing wedding ceremonies. I offer you many options on how to construct your ceremony so that it fits you well as a couple. I have a MA in Marriage and Family Counseling, a MS in Pastoral Counseling and a Doctor of Ministry degree in Counseling and Administration.

These degrees do not qualify me to help you nearly as much as my passion for marriage and my passion for helping people in the process of planning and living their lives to their fullest. I am a great people person and have the ability to help everyone involved feel at home when preparing for and being involved in a wedding ceremony.

You will want someone who can easily connect with the family and friends who will be there. A wedding ceremony is one of those very special times in the life of a couple and their families that everyone looks forward to. It is a great experience to be involved in such a good time with families and to be able to lead them in an experience that is unique, meaningful and sacred.

The Types Of Couples I Have Worked With As A Wedding Officiant

I have worked with every sort of customer that is out there. I have had multicultural ceremonies and they have been a wonderful way to include my creativity in the planning process.

I have worked with couples who wrote most of their own ceremony, although that is usually the exception. Most couples have me prepare their ceremony. I have worked with couples who planned their ceremony a year and sometimes two years ahead. I have worked with couples who planned their ceremony a week ahead, this was particularly true during the Covid-19 crisis.

I have done back yard weddings, church weddings, weddings in a hotel room and weddings at lots of wedding venues. I once had a wedding for a couple who wanted to meet at sunrise on an island in a local river. The couple did a morning run to the location and my wife and I rode our tandem bike 15 miles to get there. We met this couple at the same location exactly a year later for a vow renewal.

I am very flexible and I will most likely be able accommodate to any unique ideas you may have for your ceremony.

Hire An Officiant With Personality and a Good Sense Of Humor

Dr. David McFadden is an In-Demand, wedding officiant. Dr. McFadden believes that a wedding officiant needs to have a good personality, the ability to easily meet and mingle with family and friends at a wedding event. Dr. McFadden is also convinced that a good Wedding Officiant MUST have a good sense of humor. Wedding Ceremonies should be fun events (serious as well) and with all of the unpredictable things that can take place, a sense of humor creates an easy flowing ceremony with many memorial parts.

Producing A Wedding Ceremony

Dr. David McFadden is a Wedding Officiant who believes that EVERY couple he serves deserves his very best effort. He has determined that to plan, construct and officiant at a wedding ceremony needs all of his available creativity, time energy and passion for every single couple. A wedding ceremony is an event for which a couple has spent months (sometimes years) dreaming about, thinking about, planning for and working on. This is a once in a lifetime event that is filled with expectations. Dr. McFadden does his best to produce a wedding ceremony that is beyound expectations of each couple.

Wedding Ceremony Planning session

Dr. David McFadden is a Wedding Officiant. Dr. McFadden believes that careful preplanning and discussion, creating thinking and his ability to know how to ask the right questions will result in a wedding ceremony that perfectly fits each couple. Dr. McFadden oftens hears from couples aftr this session that they feel much better about the ceremony, that they learned a lot about all the parts and pieces of a wedding ceremony and that they now feel fully equpped to put their dream weddiing ceremony together.

Dr. McFadden’s Qualifications As A Wedding Officiant

Dr. David McFadden is a Wedding Officiant. Dr. McFadden is an Ordained Pastor and a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor as well as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. In addition to this Dr. McFadden has 4 earned college degrees. Dr. McFadden will tell you that none of this makes any real difference in how well a Wedding Officiant will perform in any given wedding. He believes that it is his passion for marriage and his genuine love for people that provide his real qualifications to serve as a Wedding Officiant.

Why Dr. McFadden So Passionate About Marriage

Dr. David McFadden is a Wedding Officiant. At virtually every wedding ceremony he conducts he receives compliments from guests telling him that it was the best wedding ceremony they have ever attended. Dr. McFadden attributes these compliments to the passion and enthusiam he brings to every wedding ceremony for which he is the Officiant.

What Sets Dr. McFadden Apart As A Wedding Officiant

Dr. David McFadden is an experienced and passionate Wedding Officiant. Dr. McFadden gives genuine attention to the details of every wedding in which he is the Wedding Officiant. His unique presence in front of wedding guests, his calm approach to the ceremony and the attention he pays to the couple getting married set him apart.

Labor Day

Dr. David and Dr. Debbie McFadden have been patrolling American Bike Trails to rid them of Roving Bands of Marauders. Keeping America’s Trail Safe Again.