Speaking Engagements

Our speakers work with churches, businesses, civic organizations, and other professional organizations to host marriage seminars, relationship building events, and training/in-service engagements. Our seminars are interactive, fun, and yield tangible results for attendees.  Past audiences have said that our speakers have a great sense of humor, relate well to people, have a lot of enthusiasm, and do a great job of holding people’s attention.

We do a variety of 20-40 minute motivational talks and we are available to do In-Service presentations for your business. We will adapt a talk to meet the needs of your organization.  In-Service presentations are interactive in nature and can be planned for 30-60 minutes, half a day or for an entire day depending on each individual situation.

Some of our most popular topics include:

“How To Climb Any Mountain”

A talk presented based on a cycling journey Dr. David McFadden made to the top of the highest paved road in the world located in the Andes Mountains.  This talk covers various principles that help to accomplish any great challenge and goal.  The main points are applicable to the challenges faced in business, the workplace and at home.

“Making Things Happen”

A talk Dr. David McFadden presents regarding the differences between dreamers and talkers and those who really do make things happen.  Dreaming is important for success, but it takes more.  This talk presents the steps and strategies used by those who put their dreams into motion and make them become a reality.

“Respect In The Workplace”

A teaching talk covering 5 basic respect needs that each of us has as individuals.  There are often ways that we show disrespect to others and are not aware of it.  Participants are taught the 5 respect needs and are given a number of exercises to help them think through their interactions with fellow employees.

“How To Listen In The Workplace”

This is a companion talk to "Respect In The Workplace."  Several listening factors are presented for dealing with both genders and four listening skills are taught.  A number of exercises are completed by each participant during the talk and a few are “homework” to be done at home.

“Working As A Team”

This is more important today than ever before.  Creating an environment of teamwork is a challenge in every organization.  This presentation outlines the characteristics of team players and great teams and includes team building activities.

“Conflict Resolution”

Conflict in the workplace is often inevitable, as employees have different personalities, goals, and opinions. Learning how to handle conflict efficiently is the key to preventing it from hindering employees' professional growth.  Several effective steps to conflict resolution are taught, and a number of exercises are given to put the steps into practice.

Contact us to discuss budget, topic, dates, venues; and we will work with you to put together a training seminar that fits your needs.